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Are Butlins passes included in the holiday price?

The search function on the home page calculates the price of your holiday including Butlins passes for the number of guests entered. 

The price listed on the individual caravan pages is the base price which includes up to 4 Butlins passes or 6 Butlins passes in the 4 bedroom caravans.

I am unable to highlight the break to book

To book your break use the live search function on the home page.  Always select the date from the calendar then complete the rest of the search information.  Click book next to your required caravan.

Are family and friends able to visit during my stay?

Anyone visiting the caravan must be named on the booking form and must be booked in before your arrival date. You are only permitted to book guests in to the caravan up to the capacity of the caravan.

Alternatively, your guests may purchase day passes directly from Butlins.  These allow access to Butlins until 6pm.

At what age do you require a Butins pass?

Children aged 2 and over require a Butlins pass. 

What if I don't know all the number  guests attending the holiday?

You may still book your break if you don't know the exact number of guests.  This can be changed any time before the final payment date.  Additional guests are charged at the additional pass price.

Can I add guests to my booking?

Yes guests may be added any time before your final payment date subject to the additional pass price.  Any guests added after your final payment date will incur and administration cost of £40 in addition to the additional pass price.  Please note all guests must be book in before your arrival date.

Is bed linen included?

Bed linen is included as standard in our gold plus, platinum and 4 bedroom caravans unless you have booked a special offer which excludes linen. You may hire bed linen at a charge of £35 per caravan

Duvets and pillows are supplied in all caravans.

What time can I check in?

Check in times are as follows:
Bronze - 4pm 

Silver - 4pm

Gold - 4pm

Gold Plus - 3pm

Platinum - 2pm

4 bedroom - 2pm

An earlier check in time may be available on request at an additional charge.

What time do I check out?

Check out is 10am for all caravans.

Do you have any caravans close together?

The following caravans are located close together

Sandhills 199, Sandhills 163, Sandhills 224

Sandhills 147, Sandhills 236

Retreat 3, Retreat 17 and Retreat 7

Retreat 61 & Retreat 62 (next door) Retreat 22 opposite

Sandhills 268, Sandhills 279, Sandhills 273

Sandhills 126, Sandhills 131, Sandhills 117

Sandhills 55, Sandhills 52

Sandhills 31, Sandhills 8

Paddock 56, Paddock 58, Paddock 55, Paddock 70

Paddock 26, Paddock 27 (next door)

Do any caravans has a washing machine?

The following caravans have washing machines

Sandhills 98

Sandhills 63

Sandhills 71

Sandhills 117

Sandhills 147

How do I make a payment?

You can make payment via on-line bank transfer to the account detailed on your booking confirmation e-mail.

By debit card using the link below.  Please note there is a £1 transaction charge which you need to add to your payment ie if you wish to pay £100 enter £101.00

Debit card payment

What is included in the celebration package?

The celebration package is £20 and includes sparking wine and chocolates to celebrate your special day.