Butlins Skegness Private Caravans For Hire

Zoe and Marks
Specialising in private caravan hire at Butlins Skegness

Bronze Caravans

The Bronze range are older caravans and are thefore the cheapest we have on offer.  However, you still receive well equipped accommodation and full access to Butlins Skegness.  Idea for families on a tight budget that still want to enjoy all the benefits Butlins has to offer.

We have 1 central heated caravans and one without central heating.

Check in time is 4pm.  Up to 4 passes are provided in the prices listed on the availabily and prices page.  Additional passes may be purchase, the price of each additional pass is shown in the additional pass price column. 

  • Sandhills 31

    Prices for 2021 are limited access only (except adult only weekends) with option to upgrade on arrival directly with Butlins
    *****  Allows Dogs ******* 

  • Parkside 66

    Prices for 2021 include limited access passes (except adult weekends)   You have the option to upgrade to full...